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Advanced Process Technology, Inc. manufactures precision cast urethane process equipment, vacuum potting and encapsulating systems and epoxy composite RTM and VARTM injection machinery. Our systems degas, meter, mix and dispense a variety of urethanes, epoxies, and other plural component, abrasive-filled and unfilled resins, providing continuous and shot output for laboratory and production applications.

“With digital, servomotor-control you can
eliminate waste, scrap and rejects … minimize
operator error … and increase high-quality
output production.”
John Phillips, Director of Technical Service for APT

Since 1969, APT’s customers have dispensed cast urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, silicones, cast nylons, hybrids and many other flowable formulations abrasive-filled and unfilled, precisely heated and at room-temperature. Our metering, mixing, dispensing and injection equipment processes single and multiple-component resin formulations. Our customers time-tested applications include open-casting, vacuum-potting and encapsulating (inside vacuum chambers), resin transfer molding RTM and VARTM (Vacuum-Assisted RTM), low-pressure resin injection, wet-wound filament-winding (resin bath filling), solid MOCA (MBOCA) curative melting, powder curative melting, on-the-fly thin-film resin heating and degassing, plus other automatic material-handling operations.

If you need standard or custom-designed metering, mixing and dispensing systems, APT can help. We started over 43-years ago with automatic Quik-Melt® MOCA melting equipment (now it’s called MBOCA). One year later we added automatic, mechanically-driven shot machines Flying Wedge® metering and mixing systems complete with heated, agitated, vacuum-degassing tanks and on-demand MBOCA Melters for casting urethane elastomers. Two years later, among other items, we introduced epoxy processing systems to our line.
This included manual and fully automatic, high-vacuum chambers, which gave our customers the ability to vacuum pot and encapsulate electrical and electronic components with air-free epoxy, inside air-free vacuum boxes. (Primarily these are high-voltage or critical, bubble-free, electronic component potting applications.)

On-the-fly, thin-film degassing came about when customers asked for higher outputs, along with a way to maintain constant vacuum on their materials. Our Continuous Thin-Film Deaerators eliminated air and moisture contamination and the need to apply dry nitrogen gas overpressure on the material.

Our metering, mixing and dispensing systems have evolved from our mechanically driven HT-Series Piston Pump Wedge Machine and the SRD i-Series Cost-Efficient Servomotor-Driven Rotary Pump Machine. Over the past 20 years, we’ve added PLC/PC and Servomotor-Controlled SRD-Series, Rotary Pump Machines and Servo Driven ECS-Series Piston Pump Machines to our expanding product line. The SRD and ECS-Series systems include state-of-the-art PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and PCs, combined with digital, servomotor-controlled metering pumps. Coriolis mass flowmeters, mounted in-line between the metering pumps and the mixer, add a high level of QC protection to the metering and mixing process. What this means is that with APT you can rely on one machine supplier to offer
you total control over your process. You have the option of selecting shots or continuous rotary pump dispensing as well as mechanical or servomotor-control. And when your application demands the very best, you can add coriolis mass flowmeters to virtually eliminate material waste and scrap.

What Do Our Latest Servomotor-Controlled Systems Give You,
…that conventional machines can’t ?

  • Accurate, digital control of ratio, temperature, output rate, vacuum levels, mixed
    material output pressure, total volume displaced and mixer speed.
  • Closed loop-feedback ratio control. Mass flowmeters at the output side of each
    metering pump instantaneously monitor and auto-correct the ratio of the metered
    materials to match the required ratio you preset at the touchscreen-interface.
  • Unmatched ratio-change versatility with simple, pushbutton-presets and the
    ability to store all of your critical process variables in saved pour recipes.
  • The ability to vacuum cast air-free material into air-free mold cavities inside vacuum chambers for electronic potting, encapsulating and vacuum casting, plus vacuum-assisted VARTM parts.
  • Thin-film degassing and delivery of precisely heated and agitated materials to the
    mixing machine. You can heat, agitate and vacuum degas your resin materials in
    APT batch preparation tanks or prepare materials on-the-fly in our Continuous Thin-Film Deaerators.

Save time and money by eliminating operator error and guesswork. APT’s digital process control reduces waste and rejects to an absolute minimum. Now you can meter, mix and dispense on-ratio, air-bubble-free material to your molds with consistent, digital accuracy and repeatability.

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